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Icone Bleu 24″X24″


Icone Bleu - Beige 24"x24"

Icone Bleu – Beige 24″x24″

SKU: IB0268
Icone Bleu - Blanc 24"x24"

Icone Bleu – Blanc 24″x24″

SKU: IB0168
Icone Bleu - Gris 24"x24"

Icone Bleu – Gris 24″x24″

SKU: IB0368

Icone Bleu - Noir 24"x24"

Icone Bleu – Noir 24″x24″


Icone Bleu celebrates one of Europe’s best stone materials, Belgian Bluestone. We have reinterpreted this inspiring material while retaining its geological history, its harmonious color variations, and a bright micro-grain. Icone Bleu is available in Blanc, Beige, Gris, Noir, and comes in two sizes 8″x48″ Ligne, and 24″x24″.


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